Energy, mood, mental sharpness, physical performance, it’s all better after a good night of sleep.  More importantly, the long term health benefits that come with healthy sleep habits are overwhelming.
Unfortunately, our society often conveys sleep as a weakness.  The common view is that if you want to get ahead in life, sleep is something that needs to be sacrificed.  This ethos is celebrated in pop culture and is pervasive in academia and the professional workplace.
As busy young professionals, we bought into this dogma for too long.  Through college, late nights in the library were the norm during the week, and we certainly weren't catching up on sleep over the weekends thanks to our late night social activities.  We felt that we needed to be at 100% in all facets of life, but the reality was we were struggling through our days, tired, stressed, and performing well below our full capacity.
This trend continued after graduation in the professional world, where we felt it was even more important to work long hours and maintain a packed social schedule to get ahead.  Sleep was the first thing to be sacrificed again, and only over time did we realize that our performance, happiness, and health were suffering as a result.
The seed for Branch was planted as we entered our late twenties and, looking to improve our health and happiness, began to challenge the conventional wisdom about sleep. What if we made sleep our #1 daily wellness priority, structuring the rest of our habits and routines around getting 8 hours of high-quality sleep every night? Maybe this wouldn't mean sacrificing our careers, relationships, and social lives, but would actually enhance them?
This seemed like a goal worth exploring, so we set out to learn everything we could about sleep in order to make this exciting change in our lives. We learned about the best habits and optimal environment to get good quality sleep, and many tips and tricks to help along the way. These include setting a consistent bedtime schedule, exercising daily, avoiding caffeine and alcohol too late in the day, eating right, creating a cool, dark, tech-free bedroom environment, and taking time for a relaxing nighttime ritual before bed.
Our favorite nighttime ritual was to have a hot cup of tea while reading a book or taking a bath, but the typical store bought tea options left us wanting more. We knew we could do better, and after much searching, decided to begin crafting out own tea blends from nature's finest relaxing herbs, sourcing locally grown and premium organic herbs to craft the most delicious and relaxing tea blends we could find. We incorporated CBD from US-grown hemp plants, which we found added another level of relaxation to our nightly routine.
These tea blends provided the anchor for our new healthy sleep habits, and we found it made a tremendous difference in the quality of our sleep which triggered a virtuous cycle of better performance at work, better relationships at home, more energy for exercise and more willpower to eat healthy.
We are so excited to share our little creation and share this journey to find the best version of ourselves with you!