5 Steps to Craft the Perfect Cup of CBD Tea

5 Steps to Craft the Perfect Cup of CBD Tea

28th May 2020

4,757.  That's the number of years (more or less) that humans have been drinking tea.  Maybe the only thing that hasn't changed since a few dried Camellia leaves fell into Shennong's pot of boiling water in 2737 BCE is the simple pleasure of a cup of tea.   

We think that the modern world needs this ancient tradition more than ever.  Tea is an opportunity to take a few minutes to step out of our busy lives and enjoy the present moment, no matter what time of day.  Our twist on this timeless ritual includes herbal tea mixed with CBD crafted for night time relaxation.  

Here's how to craft the perfect cup so you can enjoy this classic ritual in today's crazy world.

Prerequisite: The Tools

Let's start with the basics.  

  1. Tea.  We're partial, but we think our herbal CBD tea blends are pretty great.
  2. Infuser.  Our favorite is this gold infuser from Terra Luna, which we offer on our website.
  3. Teacup.  Time to show off that "world's best dog mom" mug.
  4. Hot Water Kettle.  Fellow makes awesome products, but any old kettle will do.

Ok, looks like you're ready for some delicious CBD tea!

Step 1: Heat water to your target temperature

The ideal steeping temperature depends on the type of tea you're preparing.  We're making herbal tea, which is steeped just below boiling in order to extract the best aroma and flavor from the herbs.


Always start with fresh, cold water.  For serious tea enthusiasts, it's worth investing in a kettle with preset temperature controls since the steeping temperature is key to getting the desired flavor profile, especially for delicate green or white tea. For herbal tea, the key is making sure the water is hot enough, otherwise you risk a weak tasting tea.

Step 2: Scoop 1 tablespoon of tea into your infuser

A good tea infuser will have plenty of surface area for the tea to expand and allow its flavor to extract in the water.  This is one of many reasons why loose leaf tea is superior to tea bags. 

If you're making Branch CBD Tea, each tablespoon of tea has 10 mg of water soluble CBD, so if you want a larger or smaller dose you can adjust the amount of tea as desired. 

By using a water soluble CBD, the CBD coats the tea leaves and dissolves into water, so you'll notice a slightly cloudy liquid as the micro-emulsions of CBD disperse in the water.  This water soluble formulation increases the bioavailability of the CBD compared to an oil-soluble product, and it's odorless and flavorless so you can just enjoy the great taste of the tea!

Step 3: Put infuser into your mug and pour in 8-12oz hot water 

Depending on your preference, use less water if you want a more concentrated brew or more if you'd like to enjoy a bigger cup. Just be careful to avoid drinking too many liquids before bed as this can sour your night time ritual with an early-morning bathroom run!  

Step 4: Steep for 4-7 minutes

Longer is stronger. Unlike green tea, herbal tea will not become bitter if you steep it for too long so don't worry about steeping for longer than recommended.

Cover the top of your mug with the lid of your infuser to capture all of the great aroma and flavor.

For those tea lovers craving another glass, you can re-steep the same tea leaves within a few hours for another cup, but note that it will be slightly weaker and all of the CBD will be dissolved into the water the first time you steep it.

Step 5: Remove infuser from your mug and enjoy! 

Ideally with a good book or another relaxing ritual to get you in the mood for a refreshing night of sleep!