Chamomile Blend


Craft the perfect nighttime ritual with chamomile, passion flower, and the ancient ritual of tea.  We source the highest grade chamomile in the world from the lush Nile River Valley in Egypt.  You'll notice the large beautiful golden flowers and an unmatched warm, earthy, floral flavor profile.  Our Passion Flower is sourced from right here in Austin TX, and these gorgeous purple flowers complement the chamomile perfectly.  Combined it makes for a delicious cup of tea with the relaxing benefits of two of nature's most incredible calming herbs. 

Ingredients: organic chamomile, organic passion flower

Tasting Notes: delicate floral, notes of apple, mellow honey-like sweetness, subtle grassy

Herbal Qualities: relaxing, calming, sleepy-time

Net Weight: 30 grams (15 servings)

Serving Instructions: Steep 1 tablespoon tea (~2 grams) in 12oz hot water for 5+ minutes